ProSolution Gel Boosts Sexual Performance

ProSolution Gel is a sexual lubricant that uses nitric oxide to help blood rush to the penis so that men can enjoy a firmer, fuller, thicker erection, better orgasms and more staying power in bed, all on demand. It is applied like any other lubricant just before a sexual encounter.

Product Features

ProSolution Gel offers users several key features.

  • Pleasant feel—no stickiness
  • Does not cause numbness in partners
  • All natural, safe ingredients
  • No side effects
  • Corrects imbalances and problems after repeated use
  • Privacy protection

ProSolution Gel is especially sensitive to the problems of traditional lubricants. Therefore it has been formulated to avoid any unpleasant sticky feelings which might detract from the sexual experience. ProSolution Gel has also been formulated to avoid numbness in female partners so that they can fully enjoy the sensations of your fuller, thicker erection.

ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel is made primarily with L-Arginine, a natural supplement which soaks through the skin and increases the blood flow to your penis by increasing nitric oxide. Unlike many similar gels there aren’t a whole host of other ingredients and this product does not rely on ginseng. There are no harsh chemicals which ensures that ProSolution Gel is side-effect free.

ProSolution Gel is designed to produce an instant erection; typically it works in under a minute.

ProSolution Gel does a good job of protecting customer privacy. The gel arrives in a plain brown box with an innocuous label. The entry on the credit card statement is also innocuous.

What Buyers Like About ProSolution Gel

Buyers had several nice things to say about ProSolution Gel.

  • Thicker, firmer erections
  • Works fast
  • Increased stamina and control
  • Faster recovery times

One man reported thicker, firmer erections after using ProSolution Gel. This greatly contributed to his sexual enjoyment and that of his partner.

One man reported increased stamina and control after using ProSolution Gel. He also reported that it did a good job of acting as a lubricant.

One man reported faster recovery times after using ProSolution Gel. He greatly enjoyed the ability to have several rounds of lovemaking with his partner as a result of this benefit.

What Buyers Didn’t Like About ProSolution Gel

Like any product, ProSolution Gel had a few problems.

  • Issues with the guarantee
  • Smell
  • Price
  • Exercise program

The biggest complaints about ProSolution Gel come from the customer service and the guarantee.

One man reported that the product did not smell good so he tried to return it. He was told that he had to use the product for 60 days before he would be allowed to send it back. The guarantee is only active for 67 days, making it incredibly easy to miss your “refund window.” This seems to be the point—making it as hard as possible for customers to get their money back.

Another man had an allergic reaction to the gel. He, too, was told that he needed to use the product for sixty days before the guarantee would be valid.

Several customers have complained about the product’s smell. Smell is a deeply personal issue so this might not be a problem for everyone.

At $39.20 per bottle for a six month supply this gel is a little bit more expensive than the leading competitor. The difference is minute, but it’s worth mentioning all the same.

ProSolution Gel comes with a membership to a site that teaches you penis enhancement exercises. Since one of the reasons why you’d take the gel would be to avoid such things it seems a curious choice.

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My Personal Recommendation

ProSolution Gel is at least worth trying—if you don’t need the guarantee and the smell doesn’t bother you then it might work. This is an especially good product to try if you don’t react well to ginseng, as it relies on L-Arginine and not ginseng as its active ingredient. This is in fact one of the only natural male enhancement products on the market that hasn’t made ginseng central to its strategy.

ProSolution Gel

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