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Real Men. Real Supplements. Real Reviews.
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Real Men. Real Supplements. Real Reviews.

Real Men. Real Supplements. Real Reviews.

We review male health products here at Men's Best. That's what we do – we unpack, analyze, scrutinize and put some of the most popular male health supplements under the microscope. So what do we look at? Well, we look at a variety of factors, including the following:


This is arguably the most important factor for our rating process, and something you should always look at when reading online reviews of male supplements. What's in the product? Is it strong enough for results? Any safety issues? How big (or how small) is the formula?


Along those lines, are there any issues with the ingredients being discussed? Contrary to popular belief, 'natural' does not mean 'no side effects'. Some male health supplements are downright dangerous. Safety first. The rest are details.


Reputation counts in this business. Who makes the product? How long have they been in the industry? Is the company respected among customers, competitors and the health community in general? Is there a company behind the product in the first place?


We're in the business of reviewing male health supplements. While we have our own opinions, we take into account what other guys are saying. We don't do fake reviews here at Men’s Best – we want the real story.


Is the product a good value? Can you save a few bucks with a larger order? Do they add bonus items you can use for even more enjoyment? Do they offer free shipping?


Does the company stand by the product with a money-back guarantee of at least 60 days? Can you return opened containers?


While many other factors are at work in our rating process, it goes without saying you want results. Here's a basic question: does the product even work? Are you stoked about the results?

Bear in mind we evaluate each product according to its niche. If it's a testosterone product, we'll look at its testosterone boosting potential. An enlargement device? Whether it's a medical-grade device. A virility pill – does it increase sex drive and help you get a bigger erection? You get the idea.

Still, we review all products at Men's Best on certain fundamentals. The criteria discussed here gives you an idea of what we look for, and how we evaluate and rank some of the most popular male health supplements on the internet.

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