How to Last Longer in Bed

You want to know how to last longer in bed. We get that – and we’ve got good news. We can teach you how to last longer in bed if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and look at your lifestyle. We’ll need you to hit the gym, eat better, speak with your doctor and make a few other tweaks to go longer and harder. But if you’re willing to work for it, there’s more stamina in your future.

But before we go there, it’s important to clarify a few things.

The average dude lasts about five and a half minutes before he blows his load. You can try not to cum, but if you release within two minutes or earlier you’re in Premature territory. That’s nothing to be ashamed of – about 30% of all guys ejaculate before they want. There are ways to address this, but, well, we’ll get to that.

Are You Premature Or Just Want to Last Longer in Bed?

You likely fall into one of two camps if you’re reading this article. The first camp is ‘two minutes or less on a regular basis’. That’s exactly as it sounds. If that’s you, we recommend you speak with your doctor, because this means you’re struggling with issues that can affect your well-being, and also your partner’s quality of life.

Don’t ignore this. A 2005 study found that guys who regularly ejaculated in less than two minutes typically said it was very distressing – largely because they couldn’t savour the moment with their partner in the bedroom.

And if you’re wondering why this is happening, this is known as Primary (often caused by psychological issues) or Secondary (caused by other factors, like stress, anxiety, depression and prostate issues, among others) PE.

The bottom line? If you finish in less than two minutes, and it happens often, speak with your doctor. And go from there.

How to Last Longer in Bed

Now, about that second camp…

This is the ‘I Wanna Last Longer In Bed and I Can Already Last At Least 5 Minutes Camp. This is certainly the more enjoyable of the two camps, although it’s no cakewalk either. To last longer in bed means taking things seriously, with lifestyle changes to commit to the greater good and state of things sexual. The following tips may all help you last longer in bed:

1 – Hit that Cardio

As a guy, you know girls like muscles, and we probably don’t have to twist your arm to hit the free weights. But don’t neglect cardio – high intensity exercises like swimming, running and aerobics help strengthen your lungs and boost their capacity.

You’ll need that if you want to last longer in bed.

Cardio will also help increase your metabolism and boost blood flow throughout your body – including your ticker. The endorphins released during cardio also help reduce tension. That in turn can help you go the distance, and help you slow down and enjoy the ride,

2 – Try Something New

To last longer in bed, you may want to try new positions and add new things to your routine. Doing the same positions can tell your body to anticipate climax a little too quickly. Different sex positions and different ‘scenarios’ may help. You can also try doing things in a new order.

The more awkward and unique, the better chance you have at lasting longer.

3 – Get an ‘Edge’

You’re in a for a treat with this. Ever heard of ‘edging’? A quick search for ‘Edging Blowjob will show you how this works. Edging is when you’re on the cusp of blowing your load, then you or your partner stops all stimuli. The key with edging is knowing when you’ve reached that moment – something you’ll learn with time and practice.

When you reach this point, stop any activity that’s leading to the big moment. Then do something that does not involve your penis, like kissing her or giving her oral, provided it doesn’t get you too excited. Eventually, over about 20 minutes, you can work your way back up. Then stop and repeat the process. Also, allow your partner a chance to get off.

Do this a few times until you’re ready to go all the way. Bonus: your climax will be even more amazing.

4 – Do Kegels

Kegels are an exercise that involve your PC (pelvic) muscle. To find this muscle, just stop midway through your urine flow next time you’re at the John. To do a Kegel, clench and release this muscle for 10 seconds. Do this three times, with a 10 second rest between each. Get good at this while peeing and you can do the same thing to help you last longer in bed. Start and stop and described before you release your load. Then, let her climax – and then you can do the same.

5 – Combine Penetrative with Non-Penetrative

Intercourse is the Holy Grail, but it’s not the only tool in your kit. Kissing, massage, oral and manual stimulation don’t have to go before the big event. Mix it up a little – try intercourse, then switch to non-penetrative activities before you blow your load to slow things down. You also give your partner a better chance to climax this way.

75% of women don’t climax with intercourse alone. So pull out, throw in some non-penetration play (examples given above), then go back in and you not only make sex last longer, you may also give your lady a chance to go all the way too.

6 – Enjoy the Second Round

Your refractory period is the length of time from when you ejaculate until you can again get an erection. For the average 18 year old dude, that’s about 15 minutes. For a 70 year old, it’s about 20 hours. And for the average man, it’s about half an hour. During this time, please your partner. When your second erection shows up, you may be less sensitive than you were with climax #1 – giving you a better chance to go longer in round two.

7 – Try the Squeeze Method

The Squeeze Method may help you last longer in bed. To do this, have your partner squeeze her thumb, index and middle finger around the tip of your penis and squeeze before you climax. She’ll keep squeezing until the feeling subsides and your body relaxes. You’ll likely lose your erection with the Squeeze Method, but you should get it back fairly quickly.

8 – Wear a Condom

A condom can help reduce unwanted pregnancy or STD. Yet it can also reduce penile sensitivity, and may help you last longer in bed even if the former factors are not a concern.

9 – Masturbate Before Sex

Choke the Chicken an hour or two before sex and you may last longer. Yup, that’s the same technique you saw in ‘There’s Something About Mary’, although you may want to skip the hair gel routine.

10 – Take a Break

There’s no rush dude. Assuming you’ve got time, take breaks during sex. For example, before you feel yourself about to release, stop. Start kissing her instead, or cuddle. Do something to move the passion from your loins to something that stokes here fire.

11 – Think About A PE Sex Pill

Some sex pills can help you last longer in bed. We’ve discussed these in our many male sex pill reviews. Think about ProSolution Plus and/or VigRX Delay Spray. We’ll talk about both products at the end of this article.

12 – Work That Eye Contact

All the power in the world resides in the eyes, fella. If you want to last longer in bed, maintain eye contact with her to get feedback. Her eyes are your mirror – they’ll tell you how she’s feeling and take your mind off ‘lasting longer’. Instead, eye contact will help you connect with your partner, and, ideally, strengthen the bond between both of you.

13 – Talk to Her

Studies suggest that finishing too early is devastating for men and their partners. No, it’s not something to laugh about. When you finish too early, you don’t give her a chance to climax, let along connect with you. So talk with her about it. Say something like “You turn be on so much that it’s hard to control myself”. Make sure you bring this up, so she’s aware you know it’s an issue.

14 – Talk to a Counsellor

The tips we’ve discussed should help you last longer in bed. But if it’s still a problem, it’s time to speak with a therapist, either on your own or as a couple. Many sexual performance issues are psychological rather than physical. A 2013 study of 15 men with PE who did eight to twelve therapy sessions reported ‘statistically significant’ changes after, leaning toward improved symptoms.

Products to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Finally, you may want to supplement your efforts to last longer in bed with two male enhancement products that are shown to help guys go the distance. We’ve talked about them briefly already. VigRX Delay Spray is a male desensitizer spray that ‘numbs’ the penis to stimuli so you’re less likely to go too early.

ProSolution Plus is a supplement, designed to assist with long-term sexual desire and satisfaction. However, unlike most men’s natural sex pills ProSolution Plus is designed to help men last longer in bed specifically if they’ve been struggling with PE.

A study done on the formula found it helped improve symptoms of the latter by 64%.

Think about VigRX Delay Spray (which you’ll need to spray on your penis and wait for about 10 minutes before it goes to work) or ProSolution Plus if you’ve struggling in the bedroom and/or simply want to last longer in bed.

Combine them with the tips discussed in this article. Speak with your partner, and commit to taking your sex life seriously. Stay with the plan. Then, with time, diligence and a little TLC, you’ll go the distance and finish when you’re ready.