Product Scorecard

Product Score3.9/5
Formula Quality3.9/5
Doctor Approval3.9/5
Clinical Evidence3.9/5
Long-Term Results3.9/5
Customer Reviews3.9/5
  • Reviews: 1,383 Reviews
  • Pricing: $44.95 - $149 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: One capsule taken daily
  • GUARANTEE: 60 Days

RATED: #11

Enzyte is our 11th-rated male virility supplement. Anyone with an understanding of male enhancement likely knows the company’s turbulent origins. That includes a prison term, money laundering and fraud charges and criticism from the American Urological Association.


Still, we’re willing to overlook where Enzyte came from if it gives you a bigger erection and bedroom performance that will curl her toes. The formula is OK, and the pricing is good. But it doesn’t quite stand up against our top rated products. The Enzyte reviews on Amazon seem to confirm this. Let’s take a closer look at this controversial male virility supplement.


For all the issues with its past, Enzyte works for many guys. The product has decent sexual nutrients in its formula, including Epimedium, Muira Puama, Asian Red Ginseng and Zinc, that should keep some guys on their toes.

That’s a good place to start.

The pricing is good, at $44.95 for one month and $149 for six. Free shipping in the United States is available on orders of three months or higher. Enzyte also offers a 1 Month trial in which they’ll send you a box for free (you just pay for shipping), although you’ll need to cancel within 30 days if you don’t want to pay for future boxes sent to your home.

A 60 day money-back guarantee is also nice.

You can also by Enzyte on Amazon.


A male enhancement formula needs several things to really pop. It needs good nutrients. But it also needs proper dosage – and if it’s a proprietary formula with consistently good reviews, you know you’re on to something.

Enzyte reviews on Amazon suggest it works for some guys, but does not for others.

Enzyte is priced well. But we admit, it’s nice to have bonus items like a gel and/or climax enhancer because, well, it’s more pleasure. And that’s the name of this game.

Then there’s the whole ‘being for sale on Amazon’ issue, which is convenient, but it does increase the risk of buying a counterfeit product.

Finally, there’s the company’s reputation. This doesn’t necessarily affect the results you can expect with Enzyte, but it has a past, and it hasn’t always been pretty.


Enzyte’s formula isn’t terrible. It’s got Muira Puama, Asian Red Ginseng, Zinc, Ginkgo Biloba, Epimedium, Niacin and Copper. It’s not a top-rated formula, as evident in the online Enzyte reviews, but it does the job for some guys.


One month of Enzyte costs $44.95. Three Months is $99 and 6 Months is priced at $149. As we mentioned, Free Shipping is available on 3+ Month packages.

Also remember you’ve got the option to sample Enzyte for one month at no cost other than shipping. Bear in mind this is a home delivery program that automatically enrols you and will send more product to you automatically (which you’ll pay for) unless you opt out of the program within 30 days.

That isn’t sketchy. But nothing in life is ‘Free’.


It’s a No for Enzyte. The product has an OK formula. It’s just that Enzyte doesn’t pop for a lot of guys. The company’s past is also an issue for us, because if it starts out with federal charges and people going to prison, that’s really not the best of signs. The pricing works, so Enzyte is not a complete write off. For us, however, we’re inclined to look elsewhere.

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