Product Scorecard

Product Score3.2/5
Formula Quality3.2/5
Doctor Approval3.2/5
Clinical Evidence3.2/5
Long-Term Results3.2/5
Customer Reviews3.2/5
  • Reviews: 984 Reviews
  • Pricing: Trial / Home Delivery Program
  • DOSAGE: Not Available
  • GUARANTEE: Not Available

RATED: #15

Now we’re really going down the rabbit hole.

We’re quick to clarify two things here at Men’s Best: 1) excellent male enhancement supplements do exist, and 2) they’re hiding among many, uh, shady fly by night male enhancement supplements.

We don’t like it when products exist simply to take money. Products should be about serving YOU, the customer. Unfortunately, we seem to find ourselves in the former territory with VXL Male Enhancement. Indeed, it’s one of those products we warn people about. The reason(s)? We’ll get to that.


VXL doesn’t disclose their fill ingredient list (a red flag right there). But the formula, assuming we can believe the website, are L-Argnine, Horny Goat Weed, Asian Red Ginseng and Muira Puama. These are all respectable sexual nutrients. In the right formula, with the right dosages, it can work.


Without being too critical, VXL Male Enhancement reeks of scam. It’s a trial/home delivery product only. There is no transparency regarding price, formula or who makes the product.

The website, as is common among shadier male enhancement products, is a cheap, one page blog template that barely even talks about the product and why you should use it.

There is no visible company or customer support behind the product,
We also have misgivings about security with VXL Male Enhancement. Online reviews of the product are generally negative and indicate it’s basically there to take your money. A further Google search of VXL Male Enhancement reveals some very questionable links you probably don’t want to visit.

The site itself does not have a security certificate as of January 2019. That’s a Big No-No for any website in this day and age – and an even bigger problem if said website is trying to sell you something.

Of course, it makes the usual claims of ‘no side effects because it’s natural!’ and ‘treats the causes of sexual dysfunction!’. If you believe that, we have a bridge we can sell you.


VXL Male Enhancement does not disclose its full formula. That’s a big concern because you might have interactions with some of the formula ingredients. Big problem there, although the ingredients it does mention (L Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Asian Red Ginseng and Muira Puama) can be quite effective in a well-constructed formula.


There are no packages with VXL Male Enhancement. It’s a trial/home delivery system model. That’s another red flag for us. Is VXL supposed to benefit the consumer or the company owner?


VXL Male Enhancement is definitely a No, and our second-lowest rated male enhancement pill for a variety of reasons we’ve already divulged. We have serious misgivings about a product without a credible website, product shot, ingredient list or company behind it, yet sees fit to charge customers each month for a product ordered on a non-secure website. We really don’t want to be the bad guy here, but this is just fishy.

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