Product Scorecard

Product Score4.2/5
Formula Quality4.2/5
Doctor Approval4.2/5
Clinical Evidence4.2/5
Long-Term Results4.2/5
Customer Reviews4.2/5
  • Reviews: 1,611 Reviews
  • Pricing: $77 - $305 (Package Pricing)
  • GUARANTEE: 67 Days


VigFX is a good male enhancement supplement. The product is based on the VigRX Plus formula, which is a proprietary male virility formula and arguably the most effective one out there. However, VigFX has a different format – it’s a liquid gel cap with enteric coating. This helps with a slow, steady release of the VigRX Plus ingredients into the blood stream and gives the customer very high nutrient absorption.

Look at it from that perspective, and VigFX is basically an extreme version of VigRX Plus. That might be more than most guys need, but it definitely makes sex an even more intense experience. The product is a good value for what it brings and comes from a proven brand. That’s enough to make VigFX one of the better male enhancement products on the market.


If you’re looking for sexual intensity, VigFX is gold. VigFX is the VigRX Plus formula. But that enteric coating protects the formula ingredients from dissolving in stomach acid and delivers them to the small intestine, where they’re processed.

The liquid gel cap format helps with a slow, steady release of ingredients into your blood stream. That helps amplify the formula – and the sexual desire, stamina, (temporarily) bigger erection and, for many guys, satisfaction.

We note the VigRX Plus formula has several studies performed on its efficacy and the results are quite favorable.
VigFX also has excellent lineage. It’s the VigRX Plus formula after all – something that needs no introduction.

We also like the 67 day money back guarantee with VigFX. That’s reassuring, and the mark of a company that cares about its customers.


VigFX is probably too much for most guys. It works – a little too well. Yes, that sounds like fun but you have to wonder how long you can run around with ‘amplified’ VigRX Plus before it starts interfering with the rest of your life.

Also, at $77 for a bottle, while we’re not questioning its potency, we are gonna say it’s not easy on the pocketbook.


VigFX is the VigRX Plus formula taken to a higher level thanks to that liquid gel cap and enteric coating. Put another way, it’s an already powerful formula, then ‘turbo-charged’ with Bioperine, magnified with higher absorption by the small intestine (thanks to enteric coating) and amplified with slower release into the blood stream (liquid gel cap).

Nothing more needs to be said about the VigFX formula.


Only four with VigFX. A one month supply is $77. You’ll get more value with larger packages; a 3 Month Package of VigFX will set you back $206.

The largest VigFX package is 6 Months. That’s $385. That’s not VigRX Plus value because it doesn’t come with the Semenax and Free Shipping. But – and this is important – it comes with very intense results.

With VigFX, you’re paying for intensity. Viewed in that light, VigFX is an excellent value.


Yes with a caveat. Look, we can review VigFX two ways. The first is how ‘most’ guys will like it. The second is for the niche to which it’s clearly intended: guys who want unbridled debauchery. VigFX excels for that. Or we can put it like this. Are you a normal guy and want more sex and stamina? Do VigRX Plus. Are you brave/slightly nuts and/or want sexual intensity that other products don’t deliver?
That’s when you think about VigFX.