Product Scorecard

Product Score3.8/5
Formula Quality3.8/5
Doctor Approval3.8/5
Clinical Evidence3.8/5
Long-Term Results3.8/5
Customer Reviews3.8/5
  • Reviews: 1,226 Reviews
  • Pricing: $49.95 - $159.90 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: Two tablets, twice daily
  • GUARANTEE: 30 Days

RATED: #12

Ageless Male is our 12th ranked male virility supplement. More of a testosterone booster than true ‘libido pill’, it’s designed to help guys address hormone loss as they get older. That’s something most of us will face after roughly age 30. So any product that can help guys get back on track naturally, with stronger libido, alone with energy, muscle tone and the other traits that make you one cool dude are great with us.

Ageless Male is widely available, both on the internet and with physical retailers like Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger and even Walmart.

It’s male enhancement at a drugstore near you.

So does that make Ageless Male with your hard-earned dollar? Well, it’s a small-ish formula that we feel lacks the firepower to get you live and randy.


Ageless Male is readily available at a store near you. That includes Walmart, Rite Aid and Walgreens. You can’t beat that for convenience.

The fact that it’s available at such big retailers is also a good sign as they’re less likely to carry a product from one of those fly-by-night scam products that give the industry a bad name.
Ageless Male ain’t no scam.

We should also mention Ageless Male is good for boosting testosterone. It’s not the perfect libido supplement, but if you struggle with low T, Ageless Male could be of interest.

At $49.95 a bottle, Ageless Male is fairly affordable too.


Ageless Male boosts testosterone. But it’s not the ideal male libido booster. It’s a small formula, missing the sexual nutrients you want to see in a sexual virility product for guys.

Yet it’s still marketed as such.

Online reviews of Ageless Male are mixed and skew to the negative side. Granted, you need to read online reviews of any male enhancement product with a dose of cynicism. But they’re something to think about

The 30 day money-back guarantee barely covers enough time for you to try Ageless Male and see any results. This should definitely be for longer.

The formula is a small one. We don’t see big gains in the sack with a formula like this.


The active ingredients in Ageless Male are Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc, with a little Fenugreek thrown in for testosterone-boosting purposes. We don’t question this will help boost your testosterone and muscle mass.

We do wonder though if it’s enough to give you noticeable gains in stamina and climax power. Judging from some of the other products on this list, we doubt it.


One bottle of Ageless Male is $49.95. 3 bottles is $89.90 and 6 is $159.90. Ageless Male also has a 1 bottle trial home delivery program that gets you a free bottle if you sign up and pay for it to be shipped to your home. Remember you’ll have to cancel your enrolment within 30 days or you’ll get a new bottle sent to your home each month – and this time you’ll pay for it.


It’s ‘No’ for Ageless Male. It’s a No because Ageless Male is a testosterone booster. But it’s still marketed in part as a sexual virility product. We feel we need to review it because a lot of guys buy Ageless Male to be Ageless in the bedroom. They’re likely to come up short with a formula like this. But it’s good for testosterone.

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