Product Scorecard

Product Score4.9/5
Formula Quality4.9/5
Doctor Approval4.9/5
Clinical Evidence4.9/5
Long-Term Results4.9/5
Customer Reviews4.9/5
  • Reviews: 1,942 Reviews
  • Pricing: $69.95 - $339.95 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: Two Tablets Twice Daily
  • GUARANTEE: 60 Days


TestRX is rated #1 in our Testosterone Boosting category. You can’t beat TestRX formula’s, value and results – plus the feeling it brings, of strenght, sex drive and overall energy, it’s unlike any other product on the market. We have seen these results across the board with varying age ranges, from 30 year old guys all the way to 65 year olds.

TestRX is widely available, both on the internet and with physical retailers however we have found the best deals when ordering directly from the manufacturer since they offer volume discounts as you buy more supply.

This product is made to boost your testosterone and also stimulate HGH production, both of which work hand in hand – when one goes down, so does the other, which affects your energy levels, sex drive and overall feeling of manhood.

It kinda makes you wonder why other so-called testosterone boosters haven’t quite figured it out yet. Factor in TestRX’s iron-clad 60 day guarantee, excellent value and most importantly performance, it’s no doubt why it’s the #1 natural testosterone enhancer in the market.

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TestRX just works! It’s a formula that understand the male physiology and the challenges that guys face as they age. This product packs all key Testosterone and HGH boosting ingredients in the market: Fenugreek, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B6, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Monomethionine and D Aspartic Acid.

This means you get tremendous value with every box of TestRX – most of these ingredients when purchased separately would add to hundreds of dollars for just a 30 day supply. With TestRX you get all of these jam packed into a single pill for daily use.


TestRX does seem to go out of stock from time to time, so it seems the manufacturer cannot keep the product on the shelves consistently which means you may not be able to get supply when you run out.

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TestRX Formula comes from years of research into male health, low T and other sexual issues derived from the loss of testosterone men experience as they age.

Fenugreek – Helps reduce body fat and boosts strength.
Vitamin D3 – A 2011 study found Vitamin D3 boosted total, bioactive and free testosterone in non-diabetic volunteers by almost 25%.
Vitamin K2 – Vitamin K2 belongs to the Vitamin K group of compounds. It’s shown to help the testes make more testosterone, and it appears to have cardiovascular benefits as well.
Vitamin B6 – A study conducted in 1984 found Vitamin B6 helps influence testosterone and other steroid hormones. It appears to help regulate natural estrogen levels too.
Magnesium – This helps boost energy. A 1998 study found Magnesium helped triathletes significantly reduce their time to swim 500 meters, bike 20KM and run 5KM – with no breaks.
Zinc Monomethionine – Zinc may help you preserve testosterone levels, and keep your sexual abilities firing on all cylinders. You can lose zinc through sweat. That’s why a supplement like TestRX can be so beneficial.
D Aspartic Acid – A 2009 study found Aspartic Acid boosted testosterone by up to 42% after just 12 days.

No wonder this product produces the results we have experienced and also the results that has been reported by the thousands of satisfied clients all over the web.


One box (one month supply) of TestRX is $69.95. 3 boxes is $179.95 and the 6 month supply is $339.95 and includes Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.


It’s ‘YES’ for TestRX. It’s a complete Testosterone Boosting, natural supplement which contains all the ingredients proven to boost your Testosterone naturally, as well as managing the level of HGH in your body.

You can find TestRX directly on the manufacturer’s website, CLICK HERE.