​​Male Edge Pro – Please Include Everything

RATED: #4 Male Edge Pro is our fourth-rated penis extender. The device is high quality. But one again, we’re faced with another case of a penis extender that prices its models (relatively) low and then charging extra for the parts you need for maximum results. Uggh. Please don’t do that. It’s a huge pet peeve … Read more

Quick Extender Pro – Everything Should Be Included

RATED: #3 Quick Extender Pro is our third-rated penis extender. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just that Quick Extender Pro has competition that knocks it down a little. The product gains points for being affordably priced and a 6 Month Guarantee.It loses points because it’s not really different than any other penis … Read more

​Size Genetics – Too Many Claims?

RATED: #2 Size Genetics is our second-rated penis extender. Along with ProExtender, Size Genetics is one of the better-known products in the penis enlargement space. The device is a good one, although Size Genetics tends to go overboard with some of the claims being made.Look, you really can make your penis bigger, provided you do … Read more

ProExtender – Where Inches Come True

Save $231 & Get Free Shipping – Limited Time Only! ProExtender Rated: #1 ProExtender is our top-rated penis enlargement system. In an industry where the BS Factor tends to go through the roof, our criteria for what makes a good penis extender comes down to this: Inches. Because that’s what you want with a penis … Read more