​Ball Refill – A Pleasurable Third, But Lose the Yohimbe

RATED: #3 Ball Refill by Vigor Labs is our third-rated natural volume enhancer. Like the name implies, it’s designed to boost semen volume so your climax is longer and more intense. Ball Refill is a decent product. It’s not one of our top two picks for best natural volume enhancer because the Guarantee isn’t especially … Read more

Spermomax – Pricey For What’s Offered

RATED: #6 Spermomax is our sixth-rated climax enhancer. The formula is respectable and delivers a longer climax for most guys. Spermomax Amazon reviews are hit and miss. Some love it, others not so much. We’re on the fence with Spermomax. The formula is OK, but we feel the product costs too much when compared to … Read more

Volume 500 – Needs a Little Work

RATED: #8 You’ll have to search for a while, but look hard enough and you’ll find Volume 500 – a natural sperm enhancer designed to boost semen production and give you a better climax. It’s our 8th rated climax enhancer. We don’t want to be harsh with Volume 500 because everybody has to start somewhere. … Read more

​Viaman Volume – Missing Identity

RATED: #7 Viaman Volume is #7 on our list of climax enhancers. Wait, you’ve never heard of Viaman Volume? That’s not surprising – Viaman Volume has no stand-alone website and is sold as one of many health supplements from Viaman, which itself has no website. That’s a bit of a red flag for us. It … Read more

Semenax – The Second-Best Climax Enhancer

RATED: #2 As one of the main characters in a navy fighter pilot-themed film that shall go unnamed (Cough Cough, Top Gun!) once said, paraphrased, the trophy for second best ain’t all that pretty. That’s a little harsh for our next product review because, while it didn’t get the coveted ‘best climax enhancer pill’ on … Read more

​Ropex – More Transparency Please…

RATED: #5 Ropex is our fifth-rated semen volume enhancer. It’s not one of the more predominant semen volume enhancers. The ‘Rope’ reference in the product name refers to ‘ropes’ – a reference in European pop culture to streaming ejaculate, which, as you can imagine, is what Ropex is designed to do. It’s a small formula. … Read more

Maxocum – Small Formula, OK Results

RATED: #4 Maxocum is our fourth-rated semen volume enhancer. The name tells you what you need to know about Maxocum – which is a relatively small formula, and in true form to what male enhancement products were doing 10 years ago, dishes out claims like ‘boost semen volume by 500%!’. That’s not impossible. But you’ll … Read more

Volume Pills

RATED: #1 You likely won’t find a category for ‘Best Semen Volume Enhancers’ in Consumer Reports any time soon, but it’s a prolific (and enjoyable!) niche in the male enhancement community. Volume Pills is one of the best known products in this category, and without getting too graphic, purports to make you climax long and … Read more