Best Prostate Supplements For 2019

You’re looking for the best prostate supplements for 2019, correct? Well let’s just cut to the chase and give you the quick version of what you need to know. Then we’ll elaborate as to the ‘why’ part of how  these prostate supplements can help your quality of life.

The best prostate supplements for 2019, in this order, are as follows:

  1. VigRX Delay Spray
  2. Super Beta Prostate
  3. Prosvent

We know whatyou’re thinking. Just how the heck did we reach that conclusion? Well, thereare a lot of misconceptions about the prostate and what it does. Morespecifically, what the best prostate supplements should do. Hint, it’s morethan just to help you pee.


What Your Prostate Does

Your prostate is a walnut-sized gland between your bladder and rectum. A long, narrow tube called the urethra passes through it. The prostate’s job is to nourish and protect your sperm – when you ejaculate, it squeezes this fluid through the urethra, where it mixes with sperm and expels as semen.

Any search for the best prostate supplements will likely focus on one prostate condition, called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), better known as enlarged prostate. As the name implies, this when the prostate gets bigger, and it affects many, if not most guys as they age, typically after 50.

Relax – this is a natural process and does not cause prostate cancer. The primary symptom of enlarged prostate is urination problems. This includes weak urine flow, feeling that you’re ‘not empty’, frequent urination and/or getting up to pee in the middle of the night.

Diagram of an enlarged prostate. Photo Source:

A caveat to this: enlarged prostate symptoms can be similar to those of prostate cancer – and can occur at the same time. So while it’s likely not a big health issue, you’ll want to speak with your doctor regardless if these symptoms are happening often.

                                    Why You May Want a Prostate Supplement

The best prostate supplements can help you pee easier. It sounds trivial, but if you’re over 50, or you’ve had enlarged prostate symptoms for a while, this will make a big difference in the way you live.

But the best prostate supplements should also do something you may not have considered.

There’s acurious link between prostate enlargement and erectile dysfunction. That’saccording to a 2004 study, published in the MayoClinic Proceedings, which found these two extremely common male conditions may have the same cause.

Researchers are now looking at whether they’re related or just a by-product of the aging process.

The study consisted of 2,115 men between 40 and 79. All of the men had completed questionnaires about their sexual function and urinary tract symptoms. They did a questionnaire about these symptoms every two years.

On reviewing this data, the researchers found indicators of sexual function were inversely related to the severity of their urinary tract symptoms. In other words, as their enlarged prostate symptoms increased, their sexual function got worse.

Enlarged prostate symptoms, while often harmless, should be reviewed by a doctor.

After adjusting for age, the researchers noted the most common enlarged prostate symptoms linked to lower sexual performance issues were:

  • Feeling Urgent
  • Waking Several Times Nightly to Urinate
  • Weak Urine Flow
  • Straining to Urinate

The erectile issues associated with these symptoms were typically:

So, what are thebest prostate supplements for 2019? Glad to asked…

  • Problems Getting and Keeping an Erection
  • Lower Confidence with Sex Drive, Erection and Climax
  • Little Sexual Satisfaction

Why do we bring this up? Two reasons really. First, enlarged prostate symptoms appear to be linked to erectile dysfunction. For that reason, the best prostate supplements should be made with ingredients shown to help both of these very common problems.

Not just to help you pee easier.

Second, while a good prostate supplement should address both enlarged prostate symptoms and help you get wood, you may want to think about combining the former with a top-rated male libido pill. See our male virility pill reviews for help with that.

The best prostate supplements should help urination problems and erectile difficulties.

                                    The Best Prostate Supplements for 2019

OK, so we’ve established that enlarged prostate and sexual dysfunction may be connected. We also know more about the prostate’s role, symptoms of enlarged prostate and that the best prostate supplements should help you pee easier AND go a little longer in the bedroom.

#1 – VigRX Prostate Support

Overview: Part of the VigRX male enhancement family – you know, the one thatincludes some product called VigRX Plus – VigRX Prostate Supportis, in our opinion, the best prostate supplement on the market. We like itsformula, the value and the company’s reputation in the male enhancement space.

VigRX Prostate Support should help your prostate and sexual performance

All of those matter when looking for the best prostate supplements – or any health supplement for that matter.

PROS: VigRX Prostate Support comes from one of the most respected names in natural male virility. Their flagship product, VigRX Plus, is the best male enhancement product in the world, period. VigRX Prostate Support benefits from that expertise, with a formula of nutrients shown to address enlarged prostate symptoms and get and keep a big old erection.

CONS: Not many, but being a VigRX product, VigRX Prostate Support is a little on the pricey side. You can’t buy it in stores, either.

Why It’s the Best Prostate Supplement: VigRX Prostate Support is expertly crafted forenlarged prostate and sexual performance issues. The company’s reputationstands out and it’s an excellent value.

#2 – Super Beta Prostate

Overview: Another relatively well-known prostate supplement, Super Beta Prostate has a decent formula. Many guys swear it helps them ‘go’ when they gotta ‘go’.

PROS: Super Beta Prostate can likely help your overall quality of life. It’s got Beta-Sitoterol – a plant sterol linked to better prostate function – along with Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D3 and a variety of other prostate-friendly nutrients that should help your erection and your prostate. The fact is has been on the market for so long (and survived it) is a good sign.

CONS: A 30 day money-back guarantee is nothing to write home about.

Why It’s the Second Best Prostate Supplement: Super Beta Prostate has a good formula. It’s not VigRX quality, but it’s enough to make a difference in your bedroom and the bathroom.

#3 – Prosvent

Overview: Prosvent rounds out our top three best prostate supplements. While there’s admittedly a lot of sales fluff going on here, it’s a popular product for guys with enlarged prostate because, well, it works – generally speaking.

PROS: The formula works. It’s an established product, has doctor approval and relatively good customer reviews.

CONS: Again, a 30 day guarantee doesn’t really cut it among prostate supplements because, well, you need time to test drive the product and see if it does what it claims. Also, the Prosvent formula, while good, doesn’t have the expertise of our best prostate supplements. You know the one we’re talking about.

Why It’s the Third Best Prostate Supplement: Prosvent can help you live better. We won’t dispute that – but there are more effective products and value if you look a little harder.