The Buyer’s Guide:
Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2020

We’ll make it easy for you. If you want the best male enhancement pills in 2020, they’re VigRX Plus, ExtenZe and ProSolution Pills, in that order.

That’s the quick version. Of course, there’s a little more to defining ‘best male enhancement pills’ than spouting out a few popular options and taking our word for it. A world of elbow grease, plenty of late nights and more than a few energy drinks went into picking these top three products out of a world of natural male enhancement contenders.

We’ll talk about that at great length throughout this article. For now, let’s put these three dudes on the podium and discuss why they shine.

These Are the 3 Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2020

Without further ado, if you want more sex, bigger erections and a world more fun in the bedroom, these are your top picks:

#1 – VigRX Plus – Clinically Shown to Boost Sexual Satisfaction by Up to 71.43%

#2 – ExtenZe – Great Formula and Great Pedigree

#3 – ProSolution Pills – Highly Under-Rated

That’s the quick version. Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes them the best.

Why These Are the Best Male Enhancement Pills

These are the best male enhancement pills among a sea of crap for a variety of reasons. We’ve tested a lot of so-called natural male sex pills – and ‘a lot’ would be an understatement. These are the ones you want for the following reasons:

Longevity – It doesn’t take much to make a male sex pill. It does take a lot to make one that works, and even more so for it to survive beyond five years. That’s because there is a lot of competition, and word quickly gets out when a product doesn’t do what it says.

Each of the products listed here has been around for 20+ years. ExtenZe has sold over a billion pills. And VigRX Plus has arguably led the industry for that time with studies showing how well it works (it’s shown to boost sexual and intercourse satisfaction by 71.43% among other things).

Formula – There’s no point buying a male enhancement pill if it doesn’t work. We’ve tested each of these products along with many others. Believe us, they pop, and with the right dosage to get you riled and randy whenever you like.

(Real) Customer Testimonials – Does the product have customer testimonials from hundreds or, better yet, thousands of happy customers? That’s a good sign.

Made in the United States – This is another big deal. Male enhancement pills that are made overseas often have undisclosed toxins. They’re ineffective at best and at worst…well, would you want to digest a male enhancement pill with rat poison? Yes, that actually happens when you buy health supplements made abroad – particularly in China. And it’s all the more reason to stick with the products on this list of best male enhancement pills. They’re all made in the United States.

VigRX Plus and ProSolution Pills each have the added bonus of being made at a CGMP-Compliant facility. That means they are made under strict health and safety regulations, and you can trace when and where they were made.

What They Do

The best male enhancement pills do a lot more than simply give you a hard on. They help you show up when it counts, yes, but they also help your ability to keep said erection, help you last longer in bed, and generally make sex a lot more fun.

Here’s what to expect with these top 3 male enhancement pills:

Help Your Sex Life (No Matter What Your Age) – This is arguably the greatest benefit of a good male enhancement supplement. We all age, and our health/lifestyle factors can make it difficult to get an erection, last in bed or even want sex in the first place.

Hard to believe, guys NOT wanting sex, but it happens to many guys – especially if they’re stressed or have something in their background that makes them uninterested.

A quality male enhancement pill can help you want sex, show up and nail it every time you hit the sheets – no matter what your age or background. The key is finding ‘quality’. Our testing found these three male enhancement pills are the best at this.

Give You A Bigger Erection – Male Enhancement pills are designed to boost blood flow to the penis. Choose a product like VigRX Plus and it can also help your penis’s blood capacity. The result? A bigger erection.

Help You Keep That Erection – This is another big deal. You can’t have sex if you don’t keep an erection. That’s not a problem with these male enhancement pills.

Help You Last Longer In Bed – Male enhancement pills should help the average dude last longer in bed. If you ejaculate less than a minute after penetration, you’ve got Premature Ejaculation. For that, you’ll want a Premature Ejaculation supplement like ProSolution Plus.

Give You a Better Climax – The best male enhancement pills should make your climaxes longer and stronger. Gosh, male enhancement is swell!

Help You Recover Faster – A good male enhancement supplement can help you recover faster between sessions. Any guesses how that helps?

More Sex(!) – Let’s add this all up. The best male enhancement pills help you get an erection, keep that erection, last longer in bed and recover faster. It’s not a huge leap from there to see they can also give you more sex and satisfaction to go with it. Choose the right male enhancement product and it may be one of the most enjoyable purchases you’ll ever make.

What Are the Best Male Enhancement Ingredients?

The best male enhancement pills have proprietary formulas. Still, they share some commonalities. They might be dosed in different quantities, but good products recognize good ingredients that help men show up when it matters. The best male enhancement ingredients include:

Damiana – This is a wild shrub native to Central America. It’s also one heck of an aphrodisiac, and is shown to help boost sexual stamina, erectile function and give better orgasms. We’ll take one of those.

Epimedium Leaf Extract – Its other moniker, ‘Horny Goat Weed’, tells you want you need to know. But you don’t need to be a goat to get worlds of loving from Epimedium – evidence shows it has an active ingredient called Icariin, which inhibits PDE-5. What that means in layman’s terms: it boosts blood flow to the penis, increases sex drive, erectile function and sensation.

Asian Red Ginseng – A Korean study found  this Asian herb is an effective natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. That’s likely because of an active ingredient called ginsenoside, which boosts blood flow to the brain and, well, your ticker. Asian Red Ginseng also helps make blood and sperm, and has a positive effect on the sex glands in general.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto can help you pee easier according to a study published in the medical journal JAMA. Does that sound trivial? Well consider this: the process that makes it harder to urinate as you get older is called prostate enlargement – and that can hammer your sex drive. Saw Palmetto helps relax smooth muscle tissue in the penis, so you pee easier and have an easier erection too.

Ginkgo Biloba – This helps with mental alertness and vitality. But Gingko Biloba brings a world of fun to your bedroom too – among other things, it helps boost vascular blood flow to the penis and helps overall sexual function. One study found Ginkgo Biloba help 78% of men with non-medically caused impotence improve their symptoms.

Zinc Oxide – This is important. Zinc helps make sperm, and it metabolizes testosterone – which fuels the sex drive.

Cordyceps – Two studies show Cordyceps helps mens’ overall desire for sex. It’s shown to help make testosterone. And low levels of the latter can make it hard to get hard.

Tribulus Terrestris – Studies suggest Tribulus Terrestris boosts sex hormones testosterone and DHEA. That’s thanks to a compound in this plant that is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, called protodioscin, which is linked to better sexual function in men.

Now, with that clarified, let’s look closer at the three best male enhancement pills on the market, and whether they’re worth your hard-earned dollar.


Product Score
Formula Quality
Doctor Approval
Clinical Evidence
Long-Term Results
Customer Reviews
AVG Rating4.8 / 5Read full review*individual Results May Vary

We can’t take about the best male enhancement pills without VigRX Plus. It was the first natural male sex pill to bring credibility to the industry, with multiple studies showing high efficacy, along with doctor approval and a solid 67 day money back guarantee.

Why It’s Top 3: Very few natural male enhancement pills have studies done on their respective formulas. Fewer still have promising results – yet VigRX Plus has both of those. Among other things, it’s shown to:

  • Boost Ability to Maintain an Erection During Penetration by 62.82%
  • Boost Ability to Penetrate a Partner By 58.97%
  • Boost Amount of Orgasms By 22.49%
  • Boost Sex Drive and Desire by 47%
  • Boost Intercourse and Sexual Satisfaction By 71.43%

This is all thanks to a formula that’s expertly dosed and crafted and turbo-charged with Bioperine. That’s a natural ingredient derived from pepper that makes the ingredients in an already powerful formula up to 30% more effective. And it’s approved by Dr. Steven Lamm of The View – one of the most respected doctors in the United States.

What To Expect: A bigger erection, powerful sex drive, more stamina and more sex as well. Hot dang, you just gotta love VigRX Plus.

Put another way, you’re reading this article because you’re looking for the best male enhancement pills, yes? Congratulations – you just found the best one. Look no further than VigRX Plus.

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Product Score
Formula Quality
Doctor Approval
Clinical Evidence
Long-Term Results
Customer Reviews
AVG Rating4.5 / 5Read full review*individual Results May Vary

If VigRX Plus has a challenger, it’s gonna be ExtenZe. Like the former, it’s a leader in the natural male enhancement industry, having helped millions of guys have more and better sex for over 20 years. There’s a reason ExtenZe has sold over a billion pills: it works. It’s a great formula that’s dosed for maximum results.

And it’s a name you can trust when things get real between the sheets,

Why It’s Top 3: ExtenZe brings everything we’ve talked about. It’s got the formula, it’s got the experience, and more importantly, it’s got a list of millions of happy customers who have bigger erections and better stamina thanks to ExtenZe, which is near the top of the best male enhancement pills.

What To Expect: Easier erections, ability to keep that erection, better stamina, awesome climaxes and a lot more sexual satisfaction. You may also get more sex with ExtenZe, because it helps boost sex drive as well.

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Product Score
Formula Quality
Doctor Approval
Clinical Evidence
Long-Term Results
Customer Reviews
AVG Rating4.0 / 5Read full review*individual Results May Vary

Here’s a male enhancement product that flies under the radar. But it’s a mistake to ignore ProSolution Pills. It’s one of the best male enhancement pills for a variety of reasons, from a high impact formula to a 67 day money-back guarantee, doctor approval and a name that ranks way up there with the best of the best.

ProSolution Pills belongs on any list of the best male enhancement pills – and some might even argue it’s the best of them all.

Why It’s Top 3: Everything a dude wants in a natural sex pill. It’s got a great formula that’s crafted and dosed by a company with over two decades of experience helping men in the bedroom. It’s doctor approved, made in the United States, has a name that gets the silent nod of approval in the male enhancement community and, well, it’s gonna make your sex life pretty fun too.

What to Expect: Stronger sex drive, easier and bigger erections, more stamina, better climaxes and faster recovery. ProSolution Pills rivals ExtenZe and VigRX Plus in terms of what it brings to you, the guy who wants more and better sex. Yes, VigRX Plus and ExtenZe are ranked slightly higher, but you can’t go wrong with this highly under-rated contender among the best male enhancement pills either.

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