Product Scorecard

Product Score3.7/5
Formula Quality3.7/5
Doctor Approval3.7/5
Clinical Evidence3.7/5
Long-Term Results3.7/5
Customer Reviews3.7/5
  • Reviews: 1,394 Reviews
  • Pricing: $29.95 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: 1-4 Capsules Daily
  • GUARANTEE: 30 Days

RATED: #13

Steel Libido is #13 on our list of male virility pills. The product gained significant attention back in the day when Hulk Hogan endorsed the product.

That was when Steel Libido, in our opinion, was a little more relevant.

Hulk Hogan is long gone from his public Steel Libido days. So it a stand-alone website explain more about the product, its formula and its benefits.

We have concerns about the Steel Libido formula that relegate it to one of our lower-ranked products.


Steel Libido won’t break your bank account. At $29.95 a bottle, it’s an affordable male virility product. They’ve also been in the industry for over 20 years, so the name familiarity is definitely there.

Also, Steel Libido is honest that its formula has side effects. That’s likely because they’re required to be as per California health regulations. But at least they’re honest, and that goes a long way.

Steel Libido also offers free shipping on orders over $50. A nice touch.

And indeed, that formula, while it doesn’t work for many guys, does for some.


Steel Libido discloses a series of side effects linked to its formula. Those side effects include lower blood pressure, nausea, fever, diarrhea and muscle spasms, among others. That’s likely because of Yohimbe, an African bark we’ve discussed before.

Yohimbe is highly contentious in the male health community at present, with some authorities calling it ‘Unsafe’. We’re definitely not fans of Yohimbe either, and will suggest not using any product with it on that basis alone.

Steel Libido is a curious formula, while we’re on that topic. It has strong ingredients, yes, and even has Bioperine in there). It’s also a large-ish formula in liquid gelcap format. The company that makes Steel Libido, Irwin Naturals, ‘strongly’ encourages customers to use the lowest dose possible (from one to four capsules a day).

That’s a little unnerving.

There are also questions about whether Steel Libido will help you in the bedroom at all. Customer reviews of Steel Libido reveal it’s a case of hit and miss. Some guys like, it’s a fail for others.

Also, the 30 Day Guarantee isn’t terribly impressive. Nor is the fact you can’t get a refund for opened bottles. Yes, we realize the company can’t re-sell these bottles if they’re opened, but how are customers supposed to know whether or not the product works without, well, opening the bottle and trying the product?


Steel Libido is a big formula. Potency will likely not be an issue, with L Arginine, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris. Asian Ginseng and even Bioperine in each capsule. We are a little concerned about the safety, with Yohimbe being in there. The dosage is also a little odd. Each bottle comes with 75 capsules, to be taken one to four times a day.

How about once or twice a day instead?


Each bottle of Steel Libido is $29.95. There are no discounts nor bonus items, although at thirty bucks a bottle, that’s not really expected.


Steel Libido is a no. This is primarily a safety issue for us. Yohimbe is simply a no-go and that strange dosage recommendation doesn’t really float our boat either. The 30 Day guarantee and refusal to accept opened containers for a refund is also a bit of a slap. It’s unfortunate, and we wish them the best, but Steel Libido isn’t looking so steel at the moment.

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