Product Scorecard

Product Score4.7/5
Device Quality4.7/5
Enlargement Potential4.7/5
Doctor Endorsement4.7/5
Customer Reviews4.7/5
  • REVIEWS: 1,730 reviews
  • TIME REQUIRED: 6 Months/8 Hours a Day
  • PRICING: ​$200-$300 (Package Pricing)
  • GUARANTEE: 6 Months


Size Genetics is our second-rated penis extender. Along with ProExtender, Size Genetics is one of the better-known products in the penis enlargement space.

The device is a good one, although Size Genetics tends to go overboard with some of the claims being made.
Look, you really can make your penis bigger, provided you do it with a traction-based method. But it’s important to be grounded in reality. While a penis extender can add inches, it’s unlikely you’ll hit 9 inches.

Still, Size Genetics is a decent product. Let’s look closer at our second-best penis extender.


The device works. Size Genetics is a decent mechanism and the company has been around for over 20 years.
These are all good.

The product is priced well and generally works as expected, although the claims being made can be a little misleading.


Size Genetics is quick to whip out pictures that make it seem like you’ll automatically get a 20 inch dick. You won’t – these pictures are a ‘best of’ collection. They’re not the first manufacturer to do this, so this isn’t the end of the world. But it’s something to think about.

We also note that Size Genetics is a little cheaper than other penis extenders, but there are a lot of moving parts (literally) in some of its packages – and there are several packages.

We’re fans of K.I.S.S. here at Men’s Best. Not the band (well, them too), the principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. A penis extender is a simple device, provided it’s made well. Don’t throw a bunch of additional parts at it. Two sets of bars is fine.


Size Genetics is a medical grade device made in Denmark. It’s a good mechanism, although claims of the ‘Rolls Royce’ of penis extenders is overkill. C’mon folks, think of something else. Lincoln Town Car, maybe?

Still, we feel the device, though good, is inferior to ProExtender, which is priced higher, but has fewer parts, and keeps things simple, for maximum gains.


Size Genetics is available in 4 packages: a Peyronie’s package, a Value Package, Comfort Package and Ultimate Package. They’re priced from $200-$300.


A moderate Yes. It’s a good device and it’s cheap by penis extender standards. But go in to Size Genetics with an eye for what’s reasonable. There are some hefty claims being made here. That’s pretty common in the penis enlargement industry, so it’s not enough to turn us away. Just don’t expect that 20 Inch Johnson with Size Genetics you might be expecting.

Also, it’s good to have choices, but why complicate things? A penis extender can already treat Peyronie’s disease. There’s no need to throw more packages are way and with additional things you likely won’t need. We prefer ProExtender for its device quality and a simple premiss: Original and Deluxe. That’s it, done. Still, Size Genetics is an OK device. It’s just, well, number two.