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Product Score3.1/5
Formula Quality3.1/5
Doctor Approval3.1/5
Clinical Evidence3.1/5
Long-Term Results3.1/5
Customer Reviews3.1/5
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RATED: #16

Rhino Male Enhancement is a brand of male enhancement pills sold at gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. Dig hard enough and you can also find them on eBay, although they’re now banned on Amazon.
They’re sold with names like ‘Platinum’, ‘Krazzy’ and ‘Gold’ Rhino, among other variations. And indeed, it’s convenient to pick up a little male enhancement while you’re filling up your Ford F150 with the intention of showing up like a Rhino later that night.

Avoid all Rhino Male Enhancement products.

In 2018, the FDA issued a blanket warning that Rhino Male Enhancement products may contain drugs that interact with existing medications and can lead to a series of potentially fatal side effects.

It goes without saying that Rhino Male Enhancement is our 17th and last-ranked male enhancement product. This is a safety issue. Our advice when you see Rhino Male Enhancement? Turn around and walk away.


Rhino Male Enhancement is convenient. You can buy it at some gas stations and convenience stores, although you may get that awkward stare of a nosey clerk staring at your purchase.


The FDA does not recommend Rhino Male Enhancement products because the ingredients in them cannot be verified. Prescription drugs have been found in them, along with other substances.

They’ve been linked to dangerous side effects, including chest pain, severe headaches and dramatic drops in blood pressure. They’re likely even more dangerous if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease.

One of our biggest issues with male enhancement supplements is products out to make a quick dollar with little concern for safety and quality. We prefer male enhancement products made in the United Stated with strict health and safety regulations in place.

That is sorely missing with Rhino Male Enhancement. The FDA says guys should avoid Rhino as a basic safety issue. We agree.


Rhino Male Enhancement formulas are impossible to verify. Prescription drugs have been found in them. It’s not uncommon to find other, more toxic substances in male enhancement products made abroad, including traces of rat poison. We’re not saying you’ll find rat poison in Rhino Male Enhancement products, but if it’s made abroad, with no quality assurance, it’s impossible to verify just what you’re ingesting.


Not Available


Rhino Male Enhancement is a very big No. Dude, your health matters. There are many good, well-tolerated natural male enhancement products that can help you get hard when you want and last longer in bed. They’re also made in the United States under strict quality control and with customer service, clinical studies and companies behind them. You’re much better off with one of our top three male enhancement products. Avoid Rhino Male Enhancement for your health and future vitality. Yes, prolonged erections can lead to permanent damage. Walk away.

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