Product Scorecard

Product Score4.3/5
Device Quality4.3/5
Enlargement Potential4.3/5
Doctor Endorsement4.3/5
Customer Reviews4.3/5
  • REVIEWS: 1,258 reviews
  • TIME REQUIRED: 6 Months/8 Hours a Day
  • PRICING: ​$120-$350 (Upgrades Extra)(Package Pricing)
  • GUARANTEE: 6 Months


Quick Extender Pro is our third-rated penis extender. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just that Quick Extender Pro has competition that knocks it down a little.

The product gains points for being affordably priced and a 6 Month Guarantee.It loses points because it’s not really different than any other penis extender. Lots of claims (normal), lots of pretty packages (dude, you really only need two). And lots of options to ‘Upgrade’, with parts that should be included in the main packages.

Also, there is some history with this device being called ‘uncomfortable’.


Quick Extender Pro won’t slap your wallet around. At $120 for the base model, it’s an affordable penis enlargement option. That’s good for guys on a budget, who feel they don’t quite add up in the penis size department.

Quick Extender Pro offers several packages to choose from. That can be good, depending how you look at it.

Also, that 6 Month Guarantee, while relatively common among penis extenders, is enough time to see results and return the product if you don’t like it.


Quick Extender Pro is one of the cheapest penis extenders, both literally and figuratively. It’s $120 for the base model. In our experience, that tends to mean the quality of the device isn’t quite all there.

Quick Extender Pro also comes with ‘Upgrade Kits’, with springs and bars, which allow for more traction and comfort. Why not just have everything required in one or two packages?

The product makes plenty of claims, among them adding 2 inches to your penis within 6 months. Other penis extenders make those claims too, but show us some evidence please.

One of those claims is that the Quick Extender Pro comes with ‘no side effects’. That’s a pretty big claim, and one we’re not completely sold on. Penis extenders of lower quality can be uncomfortable. If the device is made of cheaper quality material, it can lead to skin reactions.

We’re not saying that will happen with Quick Extender Pro. But if you buy the product, go into it with your eyes open.

Finally, Quick Extender Pro comes with four packages. We’re fans of keeping it simple, with a base model and a deluxe version. Keep it simple. Your body will figure the rest out.


Quick Extender Pro is made in the United States. Some customers in the past have complained about discomfort with the product. The Upgrade Kits allow for more parts for extra traction and more comfort. We would prefer to have everything included in one or two packages. But it’s all good.


Quick Extender Pro is available in 4 models: Value Edition ($120), Curvature and Peyronies Edition ($180), Deluxe Standard Version ($180) and Deluxe Limited Edition ($350).

While reasonably priced, we feel it’s overkill. Everything a customer needs to make their penis bigger should be included in one or two packages. Instead, the approach here is to offer four models, then charge extra for spare parts and accessories, which are available as ‘Upgrades’.


Quick Extender Pro is a No. The product is priced well – we won’t dispute that. But c’mon, all you really need is a penis extender with a device made of medical grade material, preferably by a urologist, in a package or two that include everything you need for instruction, comfort and results, with ONE option to add more traction for additional results. That’s our main issue with Quick Extender Pro. But it’s affordable, so if you’re on a budget, it’s really your call.