Product Scorecard

Product Score4.9/5
Device Quality4.9/5
Enlargement Potential4.9/5
Doctor Endorsement4.9/5
Customer Reviews4.9/5
  • REVIEWS: 2,318 Reviews
  • TIME REQUIRED: 6 Months/8 Hours a Day
  • PRICING: ​$300-$400 (Package Pricing)
  • GUARANTEE: 6 Months


ProExtender is our top-rated penis enlargement system. In an industry where the BS Factor tends to go through the roof, our criteria for what makes a good penis extender comes down to this: Inches.

Because that’s what you want with a penis extender. You want a bigger penis – something the ProExtender can most likely deliver for you thanks to a quality mechanism that’s both comfortable and effective.

ProExtender was made by a Urologist – another plus. Now factor in good pricing an ‘upgrade’ option from the basic product to a premium model that comes with two extra rods for even more noticeable results. It’s like getting your feet wet vs hitting the deep end.

Penis enlargement is confusing enough. We like that ProExtender covers all the bases, so to speak, with a product that adds inches and treats you with respect.


ProExtender is a quality product. It was designed by a Danish Urologist. The company tells us this device is used in 20 countries to help guys add inches and is also used to treat Peyronie’s disease – curvature of the penis.

It’s designed to sit on your penis and ‘elongate’ your length through traction. By wearing ProExtender for typically 8 hours a day, this encourages cellular division of your penile tissue and, what you really want, the inches that follow.

The company links to a study done on the product that shows the average inches gained among men who used it. They added inches – No BS. You can read the study from a link on its website.

The company gives you two options to choose from: the base model and ProExtender Deluxe. The latter comes with two sets of rods the base model does not have. This allows for more traction. More traction = More Inches.

That’s a nice choice to have.

We also like the quality of ProExtender. It’s a medical grade device, used in hospitals.

Finally, that 6 Month Guarantee is excellent. That’s more than enough time to see results with ProExtender, and ship it back if it doesn’t deliver. In our experience, it does.


For all its excellent points, you can’t say ProExtender is cheap. The Base model (called ‘Original ProExtender’) is $300. The Deluxe ProExtender (with the extra rods) is $400. Ouch.

Still, that’s not terrible. You’ll pay more than that for a 12 Month Supply of many male enhancement products, including the best male enhancement gels and virility pills. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It’s also worth mentioning that ProExtender is a penis extender. You already knew that – but like all penis extenders, you expect a little sales hype, and ProExtender pitches some of that too. The product works, so it’s not BS, but be prepared to look passed the hype.


ProExtender is a medical grade penis enlargement device that sits on the penis and broadens it through consistent traction. ProExtender Original comes with one set of two inch Elongation Bars. ProExtender Deluxe has the two inch Elongation Bars AND 1 additional set of 1/2 inch Elongation Bars for additional traction.

More traction means more inches, remember?


ProExtender Original costs $300. You’ll pay $400 for ProExtender Deluxe. This also comes with a metal carrying case and, notably, the potential for even more inches, because it puts more traction on the penis with extra rod sets.


$ 399.95


  • Metal Case
RETAIL PRICE (USD): $699.95 YOU SAVE $300.00


$ 299.95


  • Card Board Case
RETAIL PRICE (USD): $599.95 YOU SAVE $300.00


This is a yes. ProExtender is a good entry point for the average dude into the often confusing and way too overhyped niche of penis enlargement. As most urologists will tell you, the only way to make your penis bigger is through a traction based method. ProExtender is well-suited for this, with a comfortable device that discreetly sits on your penis and goes to work over roughly 8 hours away from 3-6 months.

It’s an excellent value and blends easily into an active lifestyle. Consider that ProExtender is actually two models, which gives you the option to ‘get your feet wet’ or go all in with more inches courtesy of the ProExtender Deluxe, and that it was designed by a Urologist and is used in hospitals and clinics world-wide – and a 6 month Guarantee – and we are very pleased to recommend ProExtender as the best penis extender on the market.