Product Scorecard

Product Score4.1/5
Formula Quality4.1/5
Doctor Approval4.1/5
Clinical Evidence4.1/5
Long-Term Results4.1/5
Customer Reviews4.1/5
  • Reviews: 921 Reviews
  • Pricing: $69 - $138 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: Two tablets daily
  • GUARANTEE: 90 Days


Max Performer is our 9th-rated natural male virility supplement. The product is positioned as both a male sex pill and in true form plays the enlargement card. That alone won’t condemn Max Performer to the nether regions of ‘Don’t Go Here’ because that’s not an uncommon move in the male enhancement community.

Well, it was up until about 5 years ago, when guys woke up and learned that no natural pill is magically – and/or permanently – going to give you a 20 inch penis.

The formula is respectable and comes with Bioperine. However, we note it’s quite expensive for what’s being offered and comes in curious packaging of just 1 or 3 Months.

So do we like Max Performer? Our answer is this: some thing work, others don’t.


Max Performer comes with Bioperine – that natural turbocharging ingredient of pepper that helps efficacy of the ingredients it combines with.

That’s good in the hands of a company that puts together a formula that works and is dosed for max results.
Max Performer also comes with a 90 day Money Back guarantee. That’s very generous, and it goes a long way.

The Free Shipping is nice too – albeit for a product that’s priced higher to pay for it.


1) Enlargement.

Come on dude, maybe it’s time to accept that no penis pill is gonna give you a bigger Johnson. Yes, a good product can give you a temporarily bigger erection (because it boosts blood flow to the penis), but it’s not permanent.
Please lose the enlargement claims. It’s getting old.

2) 100% Safe with No Side Effects.

Did you know that Aspirin is basically bark from a Willow Tree (yes, really)? Does Aspirin have side effects? Right – and that’s our point. Being ‘Natural’ does not mean ‘No Side Effects’. Nor can it be called 100% safe.

3) Value

Max Performer is one of the more expensive male virility supplements. The formula, while respectable, doesn’t pop and is not worth what’s being charged. It’s easy to slap Bioperine on the label. It’s hard to dose it right and craft a formula that helps guys consistently show up when it counts. Max Performer does that – to an extent. But not compared to other products in that price range.


The Bioperine is a nice addition. Maca, Zinc, Korean Red Ginseng and Cordyceps can all help you get hard. But we’re not sold on some of the claims being made – permanent enlargement and ‘100% safe with no side effects’ and ‘Natural Alternative to Viagra’ being among them.


You can buy Max Performer in one of two packages. One month is $69 and 3 Months is $138. Both packages come with Free Shipping (that’s good) but are on the pricey side (that’s bad). Neither comes with any Bonus products, like a gel, while you wait for the Max Performer formula to deliver its benefits.


No, but not for lack of trying. The formula is OK, and the Bioperine theoretically makes it more effective. Also, that 90 Day Guarantee goes a long way.

But Max Performer is too pricey for a formula that, while OK, is nothing to write home about. It’s also pitched to guys who want a bigger penis with a natural penis pill that is ‘100% safe with no side effects’. We’ve seen that before, and while it’s OK to want these things, your expectations for male virility should be grounded in reality.

You can do better, you can do worse.

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