Low testosterone is one of the sadder health issues guys face as they get older. As the name implies, low testosterone is the slow (or sometimes, not so slow) decline of this masculine hormone each decade after 30.

When you consider testosterone is responsible for pretty much everything that makes you a guy, including muscles, sex drive and your ability to get wood, it becomes clear, fast, why low testosterone is such a slap to the ego.

Still, it’s the effect of low testosterone on your hard-on that may pack the biggest wallop. The relationship between testosterone and is a complex one, but it’s arguably the foundation of your libido, penis appearance and, yup, even penis size. Now are you concerned about low testosterone? Pull up a chair and let’s chat about your options…

Low Testosterone Can Lead to Erection Problems

Let’s clear the air on this right away: low testosterone affects your sex drive. We know this; testosterone is a male sex hormone that first appears between age 9-13 at puberty when you start to get hair ‘down there’ and your penis gets bigger.

Yes, you can thank testosterone for your penis size.

Low testosterone affects your hard-on too. Erection problems have many causes, from high blood pressure to diabetes. Still, with testosterone acting as fuel for your hard-on and your desire you use it, it’s a mistake to underestimate low testosterone and the role it plays in erection quality and ability to use it.

Here’s what we know about testosterone and its influence on your sex drive and quality of life:

1 – Testosterone Fuels Your Erection

Your testosterone peaks in your late teens/early twenties. It’s no coincidence this is when your sex drive is firing on all cylinders. You’re typically looking your best too, with hair, muscles, and an erection built for one purpose.

2 – There is a Clear Link Between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused by many factors, but there is no question that low testosterone is one of them. (1)

3 – Low Testosterone is Linked to Obesity

Obesity can lead to a variety of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and atherosclerosis – all of which can kill you. On another note, obesity can also make your erection look smaller, with more fat on your pubic bone concealing your size.

4 – Testosterone Declines and ED Tends To Increase At Same Time

This typically begins in a man’s forties.

We also know that castration leads to a decline in overall sexual function and that it appears to return when men with severe hypogonadism supplement with synthetic androgens. (2)

There’s clearly a link between testosterone and your sexual abilities – and that explains much of why it can be hard to show up after you hit the big 4-0.

Testosterone’s Effect On Your Penis Appearance

Life is a journey, and so is the appearance of your penis as you get older. This is primarily caused by lower testosterone levels.

After 40, you’ll begin to make more of a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This sticks to the testosterone in your blood and lowers the amount of ‘Free Testosterone’ your body can use.

As your testosterone falls, your penis will begin to look different. Among other things, you may start to notice changes to your:

Pubic Hair – Your Pubes may start to thin out. They may grey a little too.

Penis Size – Those days of stronger erections may be fewer as you lose testosterone. We’ve already established that testosterone helps you get wood. Now combine the fact that you’re more likely to have belly fat after 40 and, yup, it can make your penis look smaller.

Penis Shape – Your penis can curve over time, in a process called Peyronie’s disease This typically happens because the shaft bends during sex. The scar tissue that forms as your penis heals can’t expand, which leads to a curved erection. There are medications for this, and the condition can be treated with a medical grade device called a penis extender.

Testicles – Your testes (yup, your ‘balls’), may shrink with less testosterone. With that, you’ll make less sperm

Scrotum – Your scrotum is tasked with keeping your testes in a sperm-friendly environment. It’s lined with muscles that expand or contract to warm them up or cool them off as required. As you age, these muscles don’t work as well, and you may start to notice a little sagging.

You may also notice your scrotum sags when fluid builds up around one or both of your testicles, in a process called a hydrocele. While it’s generally harmless, you should speak with your doctor if you notice swelling on your scrotum or experience any discomfort.

Penis Function – The nerves in your penis become less sensitive over time. This can make it harder to get, well, hard. The low testosterone levels don’t help either, and cause many guys to have erection problems as they get older.

Yet a bigger culprit with erection problems in guys over 40 is less blood flow to the penis. Yes, low testosterone appears to play a role in that. You may be able to get an erection, but not keep it.

Now You Want a Proven Product For Boosting Testosterone…

You’re likely aware that there are plenty of male enhancement scams on the internet. Yes, they’re out there – but don’t let that stop you from keeping an open mind about health supplements for boosting testosterone.

We’ve written extensively about how to find proven products to boost testosterone, increase libido and how to avoid counterfeit products, among other topics. Rest assured, proven products, with clinical studies, really do exist. The right male enhancement products can do the following:

Boost Testosterone – Many guys look to male enhancement products to boost testosterone. Some male enhancement products can do precisely that, and help you lose weight, boost energy and increase libido in the process. TestRX is a good place to start.

Increase Libido – There’s no dancing around this one. Studies link higher testosterone to powerful sex drive, and bigger erections. (3)

VigRX Plus is your top choice for this.

Increase Stamina – It’s one thing to get an erection. It’s another to keep it – something you’re in better shape to do with a good male enhancement supplement. ProSolution Plus is a good option here, especially if you ejaculate in two minutes or less. That’s a condition called Premature Ejaculation.

Stimulate Better Blood Flow to the Penis – Your erection needs blood dude, both the ability to get it and keep in the two chambers that help you get hard, called the corpora cavernosum. This can help give you stronger erections.

Increase Your Penis Size – We’re getting a little off topic here. Still, many guys want an increase in size for their erection. It’s important to note any size increases with a male virility pill like VigRX Plus will only be temporary. To permanently make your dick bigger, you’ll need a penis extender. Our suggestion is to try ProExtender.

How to Avoid Counterfeit Products

The caveat with health supplements, testosterone boosters and male enhancement among them, is you’ll need to avoid online scams that are money-wasters at best and dangerous at worst. To avoid counterfeit products, try the following:

Buy Directly From a Good Company – Buy natural testosterone and male enhancement products directly from a company that makes their products in the United States and according to cGMP-compliant health and safety regulations. For example, buy VigRX Plus from its official websites only (VigRXPlus.com, VigRX.com, LeadingEdgeHealth.com and NaturalHealthSource.com)

Look For Red Flags – “Works Better Than Prescriptions!” That’s a red flag. So are products offered at a lower price than on its official website, products with no contact information and/or products that make big claims with no evidence.

Look For Products With Longevity – Has the product been around for at least a decade, and does it have real customer testimonials and live customer service based in North America? These are good signs. Does it not have these? Those are bad.

Opt For Products With Clinical Studies – Very few natural health supplements have clinical studies done on their formulas. When you find one, you’re on to something. When you find one with good results, that’s even better.

Must-Have Ingredients For Low Testosterone

The following ingredients are all shown to help guys in the bedroom. While you shouldn’t discount product without all these ingredients, if you’re the dude with low testosterone, look for the following:

Epimedium Leaf Extract – This helps your body use free testosterone, and is linked to fewer erectile problems. It appears to have the same effect as PDE5 Inhibitors – erection drugs. (4)

Ginkgo Biloba – An ancient Chinese herb, Ginkgo Biloba is shown to boost blood flow to the penis. (5)

Asian Red Ginseng – A popular alternative to erection drugs, and rightly so. Asian Red Ginseng helps stabilize blood pressure, and helps the sex glands as well. (6)

Maca – This is linked to a significant increase in sexual function. (7)

Tribulus Terrestris – Another scientifically shown sexual enhancer. (8)

Zinc – Studies show a big connection between zinc and higher testostosterone. (9)(10)

Top-Rated Male Enhancement Brands

We’ve written many product reviews here at Men’s Best. Among other factors, we weigh formula, safety, reputation, online reviews, guarantee, scientific evidence, and some other vague concept called ‘results’.

If you’re a man over 40, you’re going experience low testosterone – or at least lower than your prime – and the weaker erections and lower sex drive that comes with it. The following male enhancement products may all help in that regard: they’re great formulas, backed by solid clinical evidence and do what they say.

These are the male enhancement pills that actually work – and they’ll likely have a big impact on your low testosterone and quality of life.


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