Product Scorecard

Product Score4.0/5
Formula Quality4.0/5
Doctor Approval4.0/5
Clinical Evidence4.0/5
Long-Term Results4.0/5
Customer Reviews4.0/5
  • Reviews: 1,026 Reviews
  • Pricing: $60 - $400 (Package Pricing)
  • DOSAGE: 30 Capsules in a Bottle. One Capsule taken daily.
  • GUARANTEE: 67 Days

RATED: #10

Enhance RX respectable. It’s been around since 2006, which automatically scores points with us because any product with that staying power in the male enhancement niche has something that stands out. In this case, it’s good value and the reassurance of a 6 month guarantee. But does that make it worth your purchase?

Enhance RX is a male enhancement pill. That’s a curse and a blessing. It’s a curse because it’s a male enhancement pill. It’s a blessing because…it’s a male enhancement pill. Meaning? Enhance RX is in a crowded and not always scrupulous market, but it can help a lot of men with the right combination of a good formula, solid guarantee and – most of all, results.

So does it deliver? Yes…kind of.


Enhance RX packs enough bang for your dollar to make it worth a try. It comes with Bioperine (nice!), which, if you know anything about sexual nutrients, is derived from pepper and acts like a natural turbo charger, in effect making other ingredients in the formula more effective.

Also, there’s some value here with the bonuses offered. We’ll discuss that in the Packages section.

Finally, Enhance RX comes with an 180 day money-back Guarantee. That’s pretty.


A quick search on Amazon shows customer reviews are mixed. It’s results you’re after with Enhance RX, and while there is value with the product, reviews lean to the negative side.

We should also mention Enhance RX plays the ‘Enlargement Card’ For the uninitiated, that means they claim Enhance RX will give you a bigger penis. We’ve seen that many, many times in male enhancement – usually with little proof to show for it.


It works. Enhancement RX packs Bioperine (that’s good) with other proven sexual ingredients that help guys show up. Pop the hood and you’ll find Arginine, Catuaba, Maca, Korean Red Ginseng and Saw Palmetto.

We do note Enhance RX is a relatively small formula.


Enhance RX steps up to the plate with its packages. Enhance RX is priced very reasonably at $47 for a one month supply. Three months will set you back $107, six months at $177 and a year for $287.

We won’t argue with that pricing. We also like (or at least, acknowledge), the two enlargement-themed ebooks that come with 3+ month packages. Your value barometer will also rise when you see the Free Shipping on packages of six months or higher.


A marginal ‘No’. We like Enhance RX. The ingredients are there (albeit it in a small formula) and the value is excellent, along with a more than generous 6 month Guarantee. Our issue with Enhance RX? Those customer reviews. You buy a male enhancement product with the expectation you’ll boost your sex drive and satisfaction.
That happens with Enhance RX – sometimes. It’s a bit of a gamble. Still, that price is low enough you might want to take it for a test.

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