Erectin Review

SUPER SALE – Get $5 Off Using Code “SAVE5” at Checkout! Erectin – Bigger Erections & Increased Sex Drive Erectin is recommended by Dr Dave David, a world-renowned surgeon that has made appearances on CNN, and The Fox News Channel and also has been a guest on dozens of talk shows, including The Jenny Jones … Read more

​Provacyl – Where Virility Meets HGH

RATED: #6 Provacyl is a combined male enhancement pill and HGH releaser. That’s a little beyond the scope of what we normally review at Men’s Best. Yet it’s really not so much of a stretch – the Provacyl formula features many of the sexual nutrients you’ll find in the best male enhancement supplements. Also, while … Read more

​TestRX – Natural Testosterone Supplement

RATED: #1 FOR TESTOSTERONE BOOST TestRX is rated #1 in our Testosterone Boosting category. You can’t beat TestRX formula’s, value and results – plus the feeling it brings, of strenght, sex drive and overall energy, it’s unlike any other product on the market. We have seen these results across the board with varying age ranges, … Read more

Rhino Male Enhancement – Walk Away

RATED: #16 Rhino Male Enhancement is a brand of male enhancement pills sold at gas stations and convenience stores in the United States. Dig hard enough and you can also find them on eBay, although they’re now banned on Amazon.They’re sold with names like ‘Platinum’, ‘Krazzy’ and ‘Gold’ Rhino, among other variations. And indeed, it’s … Read more

​VXL Male Enhancement – Getting Shady

RATED: #15 Now we’re really going down the rabbit hole. We’re quick to clarify two things here at Men’s Best: 1) excellent male enhancement supplements do exist, and 2) they’re hiding among many, uh, shady fly by night male enhancement supplements. We don’t like it when products exist simply to take money. Products should be … Read more

Epic Male Enhancement – Buyer Beware?

RATED: #14 We’re getting into the darker side of male enhancement with Epic Male Enhancement. It’s our 14th ranked male virility product for a variety of reasons. Our biggest concern with this product is lack of transparency. The website is not secure and seems thrown together as an excuse to take money from unsuspecting guys … Read more

​Steel Libido – A Little Too Risky?

RATED: #13 Steel Libido is #13 on our list of male virility pills. The product gained significant attention back in the day when Hulk Hogan endorsed the product. That was when Steel Libido, in our opinion, was a little more relevant. Hulk Hogan is long gone from his public Steel Libido days. So it a … Read more

Ageless Male – Not Quite There

RATED: #12 Ageless Male is our 12th ranked male virility supplement. More of a testosterone booster than true ‘libido pill’, it’s designed to help guys address hormone loss as they get older. That’s something most of us will face after roughly age 30. So any product that can help guys get back on track naturally, … Read more

Enzyte – Comes With a Past

RATED: #11 Enzyte is our 11th-rated male virility supplement. Anyone with an understanding of male enhancement likely knows the company’s turbulent origins. That includes a prison term, money laundering and fraud charges and criticism from the American Urological Association. Ouch. Still, we’re willing to overlook where Enzyte came from if it gives you a bigger … Read more


RATED: #10 Enhance RX respectable. It’s been around since 2006, which automatically scores points with us because any product with that staying power in the male enhancement niche has something that stands out. In this case, it’s good value and the reassurance of a 6 month guarantee. But does that make it worth your purchase? … Read more