20 New Oral Sex Positions You Should Try Tonight

Question for you: how many oral sex positions can you name?

If you’re like most guys, you know how to do 69 sex. Of course, we’re not going to argue that going 69 isn’t completely out of this world. It’s just that, well, two things really.

First, oral sex is way under-rated. In fact, in a recent survey, 73% of women said they’d give a dude who was terrible in bed a test-run in the sack – if he was good at going ‘down under’.

Second, there’s a whole world of oral sex positions we pretty much guarantee you’ve never tried. Maybe it’s time to change that. So open your legs – and hers – and ditch 69 for a moment. These 20 oral sex positions f**king rock, and can put a whole lot of pleasure in a bedroom gone stale.

oral sex position shark fin

1 – The Shark Fin

This is a great oral sex position for a hot tub. To do it, have your partner lie with her back on a towel with her hips at the edge and feet dangling in the water. The receiver opens their legs. The giver goes to work. Note: no sharks are harmed during this oral sex position.

butterball oral sex

2 – The Butterball

This has nothing to do with a turkey and everything to do with wicked pleasure. You’ll both need to be clean for this, so shower first. Have her lie on her back, with her legs pulled up to her chest. Insert your face at her clitoris – or hers at your penis. This is also a great oral sex position for a rim job, if you want to go there. See the ‘shower first’ part of this description.

oral sex position deep sea diver

3 – The Deep Sea Diver

Another oral sex position that makes a swell introduction to steamy showering and rim job action. To do the Deep Sea Diver, stand up facing the wall. Your partner, then crouches down behind you and works her magic.

the live show oral sex position

4 – The Live Show

Wanna get a little dominant? Try the Live Show – a great oral sex position for the giver to ‘give’ at will and let the receiver climax when you let them. To do the Live Show, the receiver sits in a chair, with an optional blindfold. They spread their legs. Then the Giver goes to work…

Saddle Straddle oral sex

5 – The Saddle Straddle

Dominant partners will love the Saddle Straddle. To do it, the giver lies on their back, knees bent 90 degrees. The receiver gets on top with their crotch at the giver’s mouth, the latter of whom can go full on and use tongue and hands for maximum ‘giving’.

Constellation oral sex position

6 – The Constellation

The Constellation is a great oral sex position if ‘going down’ gets uncomfortable. It consists of getting in the 69 position, but it’s done on your side, rather than lying flat.

oral sex position The Dam Girl

7 – The Dam, Girl!

The Dam, Girl, is best done with a piece of plastic called Dental Dams, which are placed over the vulva to protect the giver’s mouth from the receiver’s genitals. In this position, the receiver gets on all fours. The giver gets behind, puts the Dental Dams over her vulva and starts licking.

supersize me oral sex

8 – The Supersize Me

There’s no fries or soft drinks in this version of The Supersize Me (unless you want too – hey, we don’t judge!). It’s just, well, when your partner goes down on you, and you’re about to blow your load, your partner then tugs gently on your balls to cool you off. Then you go at it again. Bonus points: do this with Volume Pills, so you climax longer.

swiper oral sex position

9 – The Swiper

The Swiper is an oral sex position that works best when the receiver is a woman. To do the Swiper, make suction with your mouth on her clit and labia. Then shake your head, side to side, fast and slow. Have her put her rear on a pillow so you have better access. She’ll love it!

oral sex position the peace out

10 – The Peace Out

Another oral sex position that will put her on Cloud 9. Have her sit, with you between her legs. Place your fingers on either side of her clit and make a scissoring motion, while licking or sucking the tip of her clitoris. That’s a great way to focus her pleasure in one area.

how to do oral sex The Faux Deep Throat

11 – The Faux Deep Throat

The Faux Deep Throat lets her get you off without the gagging (yes, this is a problem for some women, especially if you have a big penis). For the Faux Deep Throat, spread your legs and have your partner stroke your penis and swallow with or against said stroking. She can look in your eyes while she does this.

Corkscrew oral sex

12 – The Corkscrew

This may be the most classic of oral sex positions. To do the Corkscrew, stand up with your partner kneeling in front of you. She holds the base of your penis with both hands, with the tip in her mouth. Then, she tilts her head from side to side and slowly works up the shaft.

All Hail the Queen oral sex

13 – All Hail the Queen

This is a face sitting position, in which the receiver straddles the giver’s face. Note she’s not actually sitting on you, but rather, she’s straddling your mouth with support from her thighs. Then you go down (or rather, up) on her. With All Hail the Queen, you can also grab her rear and hips.

doggy goes oral sex position

14 – Doggy Goes Oral

The title pretty much tells you what you need to know about Doggy Goes Oral. One person gets into doggy style position. The other gets behind. This is generally more effective when a woman is the receiver, although where there’s a will, there is most certainly a way.

So-Fa So Good oral sex

15 – So-Fa So Good

This is similar to the 69 position, but it’s done on a couch or sofa (who’da thunk?), in which one partner lies face up, with their head on the sofa and legs resting over the side. The other partner gets on top in classic 69 style (face down). Work away!

oral sex Cliff-Hanger

16 – The Cliff-Hanger

More furniture! To do the Cliff-Hanger, lie on a bed with legs draped over the side. Your partner then kneels with their head between your legs, angled toward your love muscle. This also leaves their hands free to wander to sexy places.

the deep V oral

17 – The Deep V

Climaxes are big with the Deep V. To experience this for yourself, lie back on the edge of your bed and grab your thighs. Put your legs up in a ‘V’ position. Any ideas what happens next? We’ll give you a hint: your partner kneels between your legs and goes down on you.

the leg up oral sex

18 – The Leg Up

Some women have one side of their vulva more sensitive than the other. The Leg Up is perfect for that. As the name implies, the Leg Up consists of one partner lying face up with one leg raised, the other dangling over the bed. Partner goes down and happy things happen. Try doing a ‘Figure 8’ on her with your tongue.

the side car oral

19 – The Side Car

For the Sidecar, both partners lie on their sides and face each other. The Giver slides down until they’re at the Receiver’s genitals. This is a great oral sex position for her to give you a blowjob because it’s not hard on her neck and knees.

spiderman oral sex position

20 – The Spiderman

The Spiderman gives your partner a good view. It consists of Partner #1 lying on a bed with head off the edge. Partner #2 stands over them, so your penis is in her mouth. Assuming you’re the receiver (the person standing up), you can use your hands to finger her nipples or other places that might get her randy. It’s one of the hottest oral sex positions and a ‘win-win’ (yes, we just said that, first and only time, promise!) for all involved!